Maintaining Your Treadmill with Silicone

Treadmill Anatomy - In Simple Terms

Treadmills are mechanical machines with moving components which produce friction. The running mat on your treadmill is driven by a drive motor that moves the treadmill running mat. This running mat rolls over the front roller, then across the treadmills running deck (where you run on) and then over the rear roller. At speed this process is repeated at considerable pace, and with the added load of the user, generates significant friction which in turn produces heat. Without any lubrication between your treadmill running mat and deck, the heat will stretch the running mat prematurely, resulting in a reduced lifespan of the treadmill mat and motor. In addition to this the treadmills running deck's shiny coating will be worn away until it exposes the rough, coarser mdf surface, resulting in fraying of the underside of your treadmill running mat. It's then only a matter of time before one or all of these main components give up and you have a catastrophic failure. Must be lubed in the middle of the belt.

Treadmill Silicone - Treadmill Lubricant - Treadmill Running Mat and Deck Lubrication

To Lube or Not to Lube?

There's no question about whether or not to lubricate your treadmills running deck. It's a must! Failing to lubricate your treadmill running deck may void your manufacturer warranty. Treadmill Silicone Spray is as important for your treadmill as oil is to your cars engine. Without it, it's only a matter of time before it stops working. It's easy to do . Must be lubed in the middle of the belt .

Peace of Mind for $1.00 a Month

A thin viscosity, water based silicone spray must be used on your treadmill running deck approximately every 3 hours of use. A can of treadmill silicone will cost you around $14 which with regular daily use of your treadmill, should last you between 6 and 12 months. The silicone oil will last longer than the spray . Some factors that effect the duration in which you need to lubricate your treadmill running deck are:

  • Consistency and Frequency of Use
  • Environmental Factors - Airconditioning, Dry Conditions, Inside or Outside
  • Humidity
  • Lack of Use
  • Type of Running Mat
  • Amount of Treadmill Silicone Applied
  • New or Old Running Deck
  • Condition of Running Deck
  • Condition of Treadmill Mat
  • Operating Temperature
  • Environment Temperature
  • Type of Use - Walking, Jogging, Running
  • Alignment of Treadmill Mat
  • Condition of Rollers

Reducing Catastrophic Failures

As I have mentioned above, silicone is a vital maintenance component to your treadmill. Every day I visit homes with treadmills that have never been lubricated. The result of not using silicone spray on your treadmill can be catastrophic. As friction builds up between the running mat and the running deck of your treadmill, the motor has to work harder than normal. Continued strain can then put weak spots in the treadmills lower control board - the electronic brains of the machine. The lower control board is like the CPU in your home computer. Without it, the computer will not turn on or run.

When you consider the investment you make in a quality treadmill and the small price to maintain it, there's no question that treadmill silicone should be provided with every new treadmill. But this is not the case with most brands. If you haven't used treadmill silicone on your treadmills running deck, then before you use it next, please go out and buy yourself a can of treadmill silicone spray or give me a call or use the contact form and I will post you some.