Infiniti Fitness Equipment - 30 + Years in Fitness

Starting with the launch of the revolutionary Exa Gym total body training system in 1982, the Infiniti design team has a strong focus on delivering innovative and user friendly fitness equipment for all users. Whether you are looking for a budget priced machine or something with all the features found on a club machine, our range of Cardio and Strength products are designed to meet all needs.

Fitness should be a part of life and Infiniti products are made to look and feel good in your home and, most importantly, help you to achieve your goals.

The corner stone of Infiniti Fitness Systems was a revolutionary product called Exa Gym. We successfully introduced this product in 1982 as a direct sales home demonstration piece of equipment. This product was the first of it's kind and quickly became a strong seller nationally via radio and television advertising and retail throughout Australia & New Zealand.

In 1987 Infiniti evolved into a wholesale operation and pioneered the then fledgling home fitness industry in Aust/NZ, importing and distributing a range of premium Home Fitness products. These products were exclusive Infiniti products manufactured in Taiwan and distributed throughout Aust/NZ.

Having our own design team in Taiwan has enabled us to develop truly innovative and new products from the beginning. This continues to be a key element in our objective to bring new, innovative and quality products to the market to suit our changing lifestyles.

Even to this day, when fads and trends have seen many products full of promises come and go, The Exa Gym has stood the test of time and evolved into what is now the TT3500P Pilates Total Trainer.

The Infiniti Rowing range will compete and beat any brand . The R9 rower is a upgrade from the world known Concept 2 Rower . 

The R9 is higher in resistance , foldable, magnetic and air resistance , changeable from the seating position , colour console ,cheaper no oiling.

Ask TRB about this great rowing machine for your gym,it wont let you down

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